Hey, I just got a tube of Re:Coil a few weeks ago, and so far I've had great results! (The avatar is from like my best hair day, and I used the Re:Coil that day.)

It has a pleasant grapefruit scent, and it's a light, viscous cream. It makes your curls tighter, more defined, and smooth.

I've always used it in conjunction with a gel on top, either HH totally twisted or Jessicurl RR.

I have really thick hair, so this doesn't bother me, but it does seem to decrease the volume of your hair a bit, but that may just be me because some days I admittedly do use a lot of product.

But I ordered Re:Coil w/out ever trying it and was happily surprised at how well it worked.
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Lol. We curlies are as individual as fingerprints!

I have very thick hair and it made me a big puffball! My hair hates the MagSulf. Its great it works so well for you! Maybe you would like the JCRR and CC, they have Mag Sulf too.
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