Wow, you mean there's something NEW for me to try that's cheap and readily available??? Whoo-hoo!

Usually, I read these threads and it's like, "Hey gals, I just found the PERFECT product.... unfortunately, it's distilled from the perspiration of endangered Andes goats. Once the perspiration is harvested, it has to be transported by llama, train, automobile and plane to the processing plant in Dakar. To get some, you can order from this website I found, pay $10,000 in shipping, and wait a month for its arrival. But it's worth it, really! You'll never have good hair again until you try it!!!"

Hee hee, just kidding everybody. Thanks for the tip, though!!!! I'm off to the drugstore!
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U shouldnt laugh WHC. Its a very good product and well worth the shipping.

I was thinking of buying some of these magical goats and harvesting my own Goat Sweat.... My house is on a slope and I think NJ grass is quite healthy.... I could then sell the gel on line.

Naturally, I would make no profit, once I recoup my initial investment....
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lmao you guys have me snorting in my cubicle. Thank GOD no one's at work but me yet...
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