Any more suggestions out there on finishing products? I'm looking for something to tame fly-aways and redefine my curls mid day if they get fluffy. I like KBB butter on my ends, but would like a lighter alternative that I could use more of to get the whole head back in shape without weighing it down.
Maybe Innersense whiped texturizer? Anyone have good luck with this?
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I have taken 1 pump of KBB hair milk and emulsified and smoothed over my whole head of hair. I have also used a pea sized amount of the Donna Marie L & T. Both have given me defined, springy curls
Mostly 3A/Some 3B Thick/Dry/Colored/SL
Loving natural products. Some of my favorites are:
MHC Scalp Cleanser, Donna Marie Miracurl Gelly, Robert Craig Conditioner