I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I started the pill back in Feb for a change of BC and i had maybe 3a or B hair....but i went on the pill and i noticed my curls starting to get looser which i was not happy about but i stayed on the pills till this past end of Oct when i came off them for health reasons. Now my hair is not back to its natural curl just yet :i dont expect it too cause its too soon: but i have noticed that already my hair is feeling very rough and dry. Now i usually wash my hair every other day or every 2 days depending on what i have been doing and it usually does wonder for my hair and curls. I usually wash and then put some product in to control my frizz and the next day my hair is soft and bouncy and i love it! But i just noticed tonight how rough it felt and when i was trying to comb my hair i was worried it would break on me! Has this happened to anyone else who went off the pill? Will my hair go back to its natural soft self over time? Can anyone recommend any products to help make my hair feel softer and safer? Will there be a chance that my curls come back soon too? Thanks so much for your replies!
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I've been off the pill for about three weeks now. My hair was feeling super rough and dry too. What I've been doing is slathering my hair in conditioner in the shower. I divide it into 4 equal sections and put about a tablespoon or more of conditioner in each section. Once it's super saturated with conditioner I gently finger comb, let it sit for a while, rinse and then put in my leave in. Also when I go to bed I put aloe vera gel in my hair and then put it in a loose bun. I've also stopped diffusing it. My hair has gotten a lot softer and doesn't seem to break as easily. Hope that helps you! The pill made my hair much less curly and I'm hoping soon I'm going to see some more curl come back, especially at the roots.
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