Wow- your not too far from me! I live ina wee little town between B'ham and Tuscaloosa.

I'm getting ready to move to Mobile in a couple of months.

I get comments ALL the time about my hair. First question they ask- ARE THEY NATURAL?!?! lol

Last night I did some experiementing with a hair style. You know how you put your hair 1/2 up... like top part in a pony tail? Well, I just did a bun thingy on the top part and had some hair sticking up out of the top of it to make it have a more dramatic look. Looks awesome, really.

I'm going to try start doing messy do's. Just the pony tail look or leaving my hair down just isn't working with the humidity right now. Last night I put olive oil and egg in my hair. Also added some cinnimon to see what it would do. Don't think I added enough though to color it. I can def. tell a difference in softness but I have REALLY dry blonde spots in my hair that just aren't healthy looking. I cut them and they look considerably better but as soon as they grow back out they look dry and brittle.

I'm thinking about going with the no-shampoo some of the ladies do. Just not quite sure how they get their scalp to stay clean... lol I need to check more into it.

It awesome to meet another girl in Alabama who has curls and leaves them natural. Like you said... we are few and far between. In fact, I have yet to meet another girl here with curls!!!!!


PS: Sorry for all the posts!!!! Thats what happens when you have dial up and it looks like it isn't working so you just keep hitting the submit button. WHHHOOOPPPSSIEEE!