I revisited KCCC today and once again remember why it's been relegated to the back of my closet.
It pulls my curls out so that instead of looking like ringlets, they look a bit like stretched out noodles. I totally understand your "stringy" sentiments!
As much as I love how soft my hair feels, it just doesn't look good, and having been through 2 tubs of this stuff over the past year, I'd say it has had its chance!
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I guess some of us just have to accept that the products that work miracles for most people just don't do that much for our particular hair.

Last night I co washed my hair and used the KT with my Boots curl creme (instead of the KCCC) - my hair is definitely more mositurised and less dry so maybe it is the KCCC that dries my hair. Next time I wash I think I will try the KCCC without the KT and use a different leave in - see if that makes things any better. (Because Kathy Mack twisted my arm and forced me (LOL!!) I am just about to order the milk and butter from KBB so I will try those when they arrive).