My parents do have strong morals and they try passing them down... and it works for me I guess.
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So... you're saying it's immoral to go on vacation with a person of the opposite sex?

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That may be the case for some people.
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No, I'm not saying its immoral... its just the faith the parents should put in their child. My parents trust me to make the right decisions...they want me to make mistakes so I can learn from them... but they have every right to protect me when they think/know something could go wrong. My exboyfriend earned my parent's respect... They know he'd never try to pull anything on me. He's expressed his values to them through his manners and speech (but never just came out and said what my parents wanted to hear)...this is how he earned their respect. Some parents just dont know the person well enough and doesnt feel it is 'safe' for them to go away with them. Anyway, its not our problem...until we get into a situation like this. The end.
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