I get annoyed when people tell me it's frizzy. It's not frizzy. Curls ≠ frizz, people![/QUOTE]

I don't understand that either..On days where i am proud to have achieved "no frizz" (which is rare)....I get the frizzy hair comments too....makes me want to scream..<<<frustration>>> ...There I have vented...phew....I am trying to learn my hair and the effort is more than anyone can know...maybe its become an obsession...
P-Nut Still researching
3(ABC)??? very coarse, protein & glycerin sensitve,
CO Wash: Suave Coconut, VO5 MM
Style: KCCC, BRHG, Love this combo!-AOMM
Experimenting with ACV (so far so good), honey!!! (love it), Waiting to try:Phyto, KBB,RC...My hair hates CK...unless I am using it wrong...