I get annoyed when people tell me it's frizzy. It's not frizzy. Curls ≠ frizz, people!
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I don't understand that either..On days where i am proud to have achieved "no frizz" (which is rare)....I get the frizzy hair comments too....makes me want to scream..<<<frustration>>>
I know. This kills me. Especially since I am a freshman and everyone wants their hair to be stick straight and everyone straightens except for a few people, I get the frizzy comments often. And I just want to tell those people to shut up :P. But I am pretty used to it now, and I think I've grown to live with my hair. Right now, we coexist because we have to. I won't deny that there are many days I wish for naturally straight hair, and usually after that I feel like I've betrayed myself especially when I buckle and straighten it(haven't done that for months ) But on a good hairday, my hair is my best friend. I'm getting there.