I really hope that this new BC is responsible for this...and I'm praying that it's just my hair being in a bad mood. I co-washed today and used Suave Coconut Condish for the first time (I was using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Condish, but I ran out and the Suave is cheaper). Anyways, after wetting my hair usually my hair coils right up. I have pin-curls pretty much everywhere and loser curls everywhere else. Anyways, it didn't tighten up once the water hit. So then I went ahead and threw some condish on and started working it through and still, no tight curls! At this point I was really concerned. So I rinsed after working it for a bit and put some more condish in because I was going to leave some in and I touched my head again before getting out and my hair was still loose! It wasn't curly. It was as if I put heat on it to straighten it out right before getting in the shower. The only way I could get any curl definition today was by using my Denman and I hardly ever have to use the Denman for definition. Even after my hair dried, still no tight curls. We'll see what tomorrow brings.