Your situation sounds very similar to mine. In matter of a month (last March, 0 my hair just changed to wavy and got softer and softer and Its been hard to doesnt feel like its me! my curls represented my personality and I dont know how to explain it, they were very ME! Sounds very dramatic but its true). Now I look older and sophisticated, which is cool, but not me (yet) I am wild and outgoing but I notice a mild change in my personality too when my hair completely changed. I remember cutting my hair super short, with lots of layers, people said oh its because you cut the curls out, so now its pass my shoulder but its still just wavy, no more curls. The only thing besides cutting my hair is that I went on Yasmin. I have been off of that too though for 6 months and still no sign of my curls coming back. If anyone knows what is causing this, please let me know!

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