Well I finally have to fess up. I went to Christo this past weekend. it took me a full year to get the courage to spend that much money and get the bio softening. I don't hate it but I'm not quite in love with it either. I have extremerly coarse tight 4b hair. believe it or noy my hair is very coily like pen springs, that range from small to medium. My hair has a lot of bulk to it and it isvery difficult to work product through it. I think the thing that finally pushed me to go was the birth of my daughter 6 weeks ago. doing my hair? what's that anymore!

Ok enough background. So a year ago I went for a consult. I had astrand test done with the bio and another treatment called anti frizz. I absolutely loved the results. I still had all my springy coils just looser. Because I have so much bulk I know had she done my whole head it simply would have made it easier to work through in sections and it would have made my curl pattern more visible. She left it in for ten min. So now having my full head done I explained my same desires: reducing bulkiness,more definition,manageability, but I stressed that I didn't want to loose my curls.

My hair is a little to elongated it looks like a wavy perm. I don't have my coils. I was told that i would experience more shrinkage in th weeks to come so i'm being patient but so far i'm a little disappointed. Mainly because it a lot straighter than I had hoped for and very different from the results of the patch test. I will try to post before and after pics next week.
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