I read through the threads and most of them are about avoiding protein for the protein sensitive. Lots of people are afraid to use products with protein. In the Spring, Jillipoo discussed the fact that she avoided protein without reason--and then looked to add products with protein.

I have had more frizz of late, no matter what products I've been using--KCCC, WSP, Donna Marie and Innersense QCCC. Even adding gel didn't help. My old HGs just weren't responding as they had--I even removed some from the list! After reviewing the ingredients lists from my more natural products, I figured out that I had gone almost protein free. One product had wheat protein, one wheat germ oil as the the last ingredient before fragrance and preservative.

I it up. The last time I did a protein treatment with Nexxus Emergencee was 7/27/08. Instead of making it a big deal, I did two minutes in the shower as per package directions. I could feel the difference in the shower! My hair is almost dry and I have nicely defined curls, good volume and almost no frizz--also no gel! Today I used Donna Marie CCB and WSP.

Bottom line, if you aren't protein sensitive. Make sure you have it in your regime.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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