I am allergic to a lot of shampoos and styling products (and makeup, and... the list goes on). I usually get by using something new until I am about a half bottle into it. I, of course, broke my own rule of only one new product at a time when I went CG.

Here's what I use:

Suave Coconut Naturals Conditioner (co-wash)
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (deep conditioner)
Deva Low-poo (no more than 1x per week)
Curl keeper, and sometimes Tweek

I broke out in a little bumpy itchy rash right at my hairline at my forehead and the base of my neck in the back. I don't know for sure that it is Curl Keeper, but that is what I suspect, since it is the only thing that gets put there and stays on any length of time.

Anyone else had an allergic reaction to it?

I would love to know what the ingredient is that is the culprit. Other things I've broken out to are: the fancy salon line that L-O'real puts out in Gene Juarez salons, the silk protein that is 100% silk, one of the line of Aveda curl products (not sure which one because I was using all of them at the same time).

I have also had allergic reactions to Lubriderm "Seriously Sensitive" lotion that is supposed to be hypoallergenic.