First of all, want to say what a really cool site this is. Only just come across it!!

I also want to say that when I was younger, there wasn't such things as straightners that actually worked. My hair is so thick that I struggled with it and hated my hair as it was so frizzy so never had it down. Always tied it back.

As I got older I learned to control it and now I totally love it. I love the compliments and I love the fact that I stand out. I used to hate the colour of my hair but would never dye it now. It really is my best feature and don't feel the need to change it anymore. It takes me no longer that 10 minutes each morning and that is with washing and conditioning as well, i personally think that is quicker than people with straight hair sometimes.

People that hate their curly hair are mad!! - People pay hundreds for it, we get it for free lol