It looks like your hair is fine, too. How does the Burt's Bees conditioner compare to the Suave for you? I find the Aubrey too rich to use everyday, so I need something for the days when I just want a light conditioner for co-wash. Advice?
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I think you're talking to me, so I'll answer.

The Burt's Bees has a lot of protein in it, and while it does enhance curl pattern, it has given me a bit of the frizzies. It's VERY different than suave. It's a thick conditioner, but it seems to soak into the hair a lot before giving any of the "slippy" feeling like Suave does. I'm currently looking for a good natural conditioner to alternate with the Burt's Bees so that I can get the benefits of both protein and moisture without protein. Some people don't have an issue with any protein at all though, so it might be great for you. They sometimes have sample sizes of the Burt's Bees. Try those first maybe.
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