When I hit puberty my hair went soooo curly. Then I went on the pill. I have never realized that that could have been the reason why my curls disappeared. I have only recently gone back to wearing my hair curly and its definatley not the same. Interestingly though, I could not work out why the hair close to my roots (maybe first 10cms or so) are a lot curlier - from then on my hair is straight. I could not work out why this was, I thought is must have been damage but that made no sense.... then I read this thread and clicked.... about a year ago I changed from a strong BCP to a weaker pill, which happens to coincide with the change in my hair??? Is this possibly the cause?
2a/2b (FIA 2a/2b F/M i), low porosity (except the ends)

So far liking Natural Soap Bars (Australian Organics / Moogoo) MOP Mixed Greens CO, Boots, Olive Oil DT on ends, KY when rainy/humid
Unsure/Still Working on: AVC, Tweek, AG Re:Coil, CK (prefer KY), Honey (seems to lighten my hair?)

Need to try protein?

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