Usaully people ask me first. Usually. My old Aquitaines, who unfortunately have this inferior complex about there own curly hair(the black people good/bad hair belief) would think that putting there hands thru my hair and brushing it dry was fun. Then they would laugh and see HA! i its tangled. OF course it is, the curls curl into each other over and over again, its not straight hair. You can't comb the it over and over again when dry!!! But these people never wear the hair curly unless there taking their weave out or unbraideding it*rolls eyes*. It's sad that only 1or 2 out of hundred black women in my school wear there hair natural. Anyways i undertsand how you feel. It's fine when someone asks me and hold my hair gently, but its not cool with they try to brush my hair with there greasy comb or nasty hands.