I think I've made peace with myself and my hair...for the time being, LOL!

The amount of time, money, and fanatical obsession some people seem to spend on their hair just isn't in me, and I don't know a single straight-haired person who obsesses the same way. I honestly don't. So over the past few months I've developed an easy-care routine that I'm happy to share with anyone who might find it useful.

Here's my new, easy routine. For most days, and always for work, I put my hair up and I style the bangs and front pieces. Period. I have found that styling the front is necessary to avoid the "angry schoolmarm" look and makes me look younger and prettier.

So, I wet my hair every day, sometimes all of it, sometimes only the part I'm putting up. (I leave the front part out in a rubber band on my forehead and crack myself up when I look in the mirror Then I flat-iron the front and some side pieces and my hair looks "done," neat, and pretty. (If I've wet it all over, I blast the front/bangs with my hair dryer, takes about five minutes.) I never have to think about it, not once all day, and I know it always looks appropriate and frizz-free and really nice.

When I take down in the evening I have beautiful, bouncy, shiny waves and the front is smooth. It looks great and if I'm going out all I have to do is run some silicone serum through it to shine it up and kill any frizz that may have snuck in.

On weekends I either blow-dry and flat iron or I wear it "natural", letting it air-dry and then hitting the front with my trusty iron. YES...That front styling is crucial; I discovered that a big part of what made me look ugly were the uncontrolled, shapeless, curls hanging into my face. Getting the crown and bangs smooth makes all the difference in the world and makes me look like I spent hours on my hair.

I shampoo twice a week and co-wash daily. I use only two styling products: Silicone serum (religiously) and hair-moisturizing lotion (right now, because winter really dries out my hair.)

That's it. I hope some of you find this helpful because I've been really happy with it and it's wonderful to be freed from the constant hair obsession. My hair is so calm and happy now that I actually have something I NEVER dreamed of: Second Day Hair!! I can actually wake up, smooth in some serum, and look decent enough to run to the grocery store or the mailbox without frightening the neighborhood children. Some days I can even put it up without wetting it and it looks fine. My hair has responded beautifully to this regime and it is simply one less worry in my day.
Modified CG. You'll pry my 'cones from my cold dead fingers! Mixed waves, coarse, below shoulder length, dark brown. I hate my hair but I'm trying to learn to accept it.

Gels: LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel, Garnier Fructis Wet Shine Gel. Condish: Alberto V05 Free Me Fresia, Tresemme' Flawless Curls, LVPNG, Neutrogena Triple Moisture. Shampoo: Tresemme' Flawless Curls. Silicone Serum: Whatever is on sale, but I don't leave home without it.