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"you're your own worst critic"
I sometimes get the impression this site can cause a kind of inverted curl snobbery - albeit unintentionally - giving the impression that NOT wanting a head full of crazy corkscrews is a sacrilege.
That kind of thing will however not happen for everybody's hair - I don't quite think I'll get my hair to be dramatically more curly, but it will likely be in overall better condition and therefore more likely to be better behaved.
The main thing is probably to learn to make your peace with your hair and stop obsessing about whether it's a bit frizzy or poofy - there's always the ponytail for days like that.
Yeah I agree with you girls on both of those things and many other comments posted here but I'll run out of room trying to quote all of you!!! I'm trying harder to not obsess, I keep trying new things because I'm afraid what I'm doing will stop working. Luckily with the swaps I haven't spent a fortune. But I'm finally at a good place product-wise and routine-wise. It seems there are more curlies than wavies on here and the wavies are always trying to be more curly. We do need to accept what our hair can do and that's it. I'm not aiming for more curl anymore, I just want it to look neat and not poofy. I admired my hairstylist's hair once and told her I wish I had hair like YOU!!! She's a 3A/B mix gorgeous curls and she said to ME I wish I had YOUR hair, so the grass is always greener for sure.
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