I'm trying to eliminate the humectants to try and tame a new wave of halo frizz - so what are your favorite glycerin free products? Conditioners, stylers.......
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I'm in Colorado and have just figured out that glycerin is a bad idea in our dry climates. I've been having great success with KCKT and KCCC. I have BRHG and have heard good things about it for dry climate curlies.

I've really wanted to try KBB hair nectar and hair milk, but I haven't due to the glycerin content. How are these two particular products working for you in Utah?
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True 3b, but looser curls since moving to drier climate. BSL thick, medium-course hair with some 2C/3a on canopy. Curlygirl since 2001. Devachan client NYC from 2001-2005.

-co-wash w/Devacurl No-Poo or Suave conditioner
-condition Deva One Condition or GVP Balm
-i never use a leave in
-style with KCCC or Angell or Devacurl Styling Cream
**likes: everything above. dislikes: glycerin, BRHG, KBB**