I am sooo glad I read this thread. I have been having problems with a burning, itchy scalp. Trying to figure out what the problem was. What is in the CK or other products that causes this reaction? I was also using the Bioterra Curl Creme. Oh no! What will I do with all these products that I can't use and what will I use instead? I am not happy right now! I have been trying so hard to make this work. What about the KBB products? I am patiently waiting for an order from them--hopefully I won't be allergic to any of them.
3a (I think) New to going curly after almost 20 years of straight hair. Not curly every day yet--but most days.

Trying EVERYTHING right now. Not yet sure what my hair loves or hates.

Gave up flat iron on or around 10/1/08!