This haircut is AWFUL. it's too short, the stylist did this weird stagger-snipping thing so that the curls all have hairs that end in different places, and my straighter-underneath hair sticks out horribly. I keep trying new products and whatnot, and I can tell they're great products, but I just HATE the way my hair looks!

Here are a couple of pics...

ignore the goofy face. But those pics show the horror pretty well. Any suggestions for how to compensate? I really don't want to go shorter, since I am trying to grow it out... but if going shorter would help, I'd consider it. And for some reason, it's less curly at this length. I guess it gets curlier as it gets shorter up to a certain length, and then it's just wavy. And the weird cut I got sorta makes all the curls end in different places, so it looks kinda...porcupiney.

Any help that anyone out there can give me would be much appreciated!
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