I had this exact problem with my best friend! She has pin straight, fine hair that won't hold any sort of curl (not even a perm!), so she's constantly telling me how much she wishes she had my hair. Its nice to hear compliments, but she doesn't understand curly hair at all! She'll play with my hair and touch it when she compliments it and end up making all frizzy. I try to tell her, but she just doesn't get it all (it doesn't help that she's a little air headed on top of it...)

Besides this, I've had people in tons of stores touch my hair, and people set behind me in classes (all the way into college!) pull my hair "to see it bounce back up"! One women even walked up to me tonight with her friend, grabbed a chunk of my hair and loudly told her friend "I want a perm like this girl's"! 1. Just ask and maybe you can touch, 2. my hair is not a perm! Too many people assume that it has to be!

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