Had a similar situation. VERY good friend, bossy, but sweet. Called me on my birthday because we had discussed going to see Pirates II (it came out around my birthday). DEMANDED I pick a time and to meet her and her new boyfriend at the movie theatre. I showed up, they were already in the lobby, waiting for me, so I PURCHASED MY OWN TICKET. Walked inside, we immediately went to find our seats, NO POPCORN, COKE, CANDY, etc. I met her grouchy boyfriend and then the movie started. After the movie was over, my friend said "Hank and I are going to dinner, talk to you later." I was FLOORED. MY BIRTHDAY, I had to buy my own ticket, etc. etc. and they did not even invite me to dinner!!!! I did not call her, talk to her, or email, etc. for OVER three months. "Hank and I are going to see Bourne Supremecy, want to go?.....(me>) NOPE!" She kept asking me if anything was wrong. I was still so angry (really my feelings were hurt), I could not talk about it. When I finally started talking to her, we went to dinner and she asked me why I had been ignoring her all these months. I told her and she started crying, she apologized, I forgave, BUT SHE IS STILL DATING THE GROUCH!!!!!! Face to face is the way to go, I made sure I was not angry, just stated the facts, and told her she hurt my feelings.

p.s. - we always celebrate her birthday at a neighborhood restaurant. I still think it is her CHEEP boyfriend.

Thanks for letting me vent - as you can see, it still stings, and it has been three years!