this. happens. all. the. time.

first, there are the girls in my class. who just like to touch it, play with it, and make it frizzy. and i'm like, okay, you can stop now.

second, little old ladies. I love them. but sometimes they just TOUCH. and depending on my mood, it's mostly okay.

third, little kids. ohmygoodness. Last week I was babysitting and 2 of the little girls decided they wanted to play "doctor." that quickly turned to "stylist." And they took out this little plastic brush that might work on Barbie's hair but certainly not mine. Then, once I was at Target and a little 3 or 4 year old girl stands up in her carrt and *boing* the hair goes. Her mom apologized a lot, though.

lastly, SISTER. with straight hair. who entirely messes it up, I mean I can't tell you what she does to it. Oh, well.

goodness. If curly hair is so fun to touch, why don't more people grow it for themselves
I am a 3a/b with normal-coarse hair that is medium-thick and fairly porous.

Currently using:
~VitaminShampoo (CG )
~L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy that is a mouthful.
~Garnier Fructis curl-shaping spray gel
~Pantene curl defining mousse