Yesterday, I figured I would try clarifying my hair with baking soda. I mixed it in with some castor oil(my staple) and my conditioner just before I was about to get in the shower. Then I got distracted(toddlers will do that to you sometimes), actually I got distracted for a long time, about an hour. So the baking soda mix was in my hair that entire time. Anyway, when I finally got in the shower, I noticed my hair felt different. I decided to detangle(usually a 15 minute to 1/2hour job-I generally run out of hot water). It was SUPER easy. At this point, i'm like "What the heck?", Well when I got out of the shower my hair sas UBBER soft and I noticed my curl pattern was noticeably looser(not a bad thing).
FAST FORWARD TO THIS MORNING(yes I sleep on wet hair)

I got up, wet down my hair with my castor oil/water mix and put in my homemade curl cream.
My hair is actually showing a little more of it's length!(not much, it's only 6 1/2 inches in a year)
But my hair looks totally different! I'm actually going to wear it OUT today(I never wear my hair out).

Anyway, so what did I discover??? A Homemade Natural curl relaxer??? Something to do with the PH, or something of the Baking Soda? I really don't know anything about that stuff. Either way, i'm happy with the immediate results, let's see what happens as the day goes on(I think I may have put too much cream in my hair, it's white right now, but i'm hoping it will dry clear. Or i'm going to have to wash my hair again.
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Congratulations on your pregnancy, akilamonique! I had noticed you weren't posting as often and had hoped everything was okay. I'm glad it was good news that had kept you away.

How many times have you used your baking soda mix? Also, how long do the results seem to last?