Well, I've been transitioning for well over 8 months now and it's getting annoying having these permed ends. I've been trimming regularly so now I'm half relaxed/half permed so it's harder to blend the two textures now because my relaxed hair is so bone straight that it doesn't curl at all, even in water and my natural hair is thicker (naturally and due to breakage). My poor hair can't really take much more and I hate how thin the ends look now.

Just like you I've had so many urges to BC and I was actually planning to this Thanksgiving but my mom absolutely refused for me to do it. And then I second guessed myself and decided I'd try and hold out until my anniversary in 3-4 months. Then for sure I'm BCing, whether my mom wants me to or not. I've never had short hair (in fact it's the shortest it has been, right now!) and that's my main reason for not BCing behind being apprehensive about my hair texture. My parents are nervous but my friends and boyfriend especially are right behind me and reminding me that it's just hair and it'll grow back, and they'll love me no matter how I look when I'm done
Hey everyone!~ I've BCed! Yay! (13 month transition)
Last Perm: March 23, 2008
BC: April 24, 2009

Goals: To learn how to style my hair and continue to grow it healthy and happy!
Hair type: 4b near the temples, 3c in the back/nape and 4a everywhere! Mostly coily-curly with medium-fine strands and medium thickness.