Hi HMof3! I know, I can't figure it out, and I didn't buy it, so I'll wait for someone else to notice this thread that may be able to enlighten us.

Now to digress from my own original question: I noticed that your siggie says All Deva Curl. Is that still true? If so, can you please tell me which products you use? I wonder if my own lack of success with Deva was trying all these products, getting dry hair and an itchy scalp and not knowing what caused it. Maybe less is more. I met this woman who uses "only" the No Poo, Once C and Angell, and her hair is georgeous.

I'm mulling over in my mind if I want to try again.
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HI unpoof!!
Yes, that is really interesting about the name change, hope someone knows!

I changed my signature just today - when I first found this site I started using DevaCurl, then the product junkie in me kicked it and I tried anything and everything - now, in the past couple weeks I decided to just go with what works and works consistently, I use exactly what you mentioned above - no poo, one c and angell...I've also been using the Heaven in Hair deep treatment about once a week (good good stuff, keeps my hair defined for days it seems!) Anyway, I just love DevaCurl and don't know why I bother with anything else. I've got the DevaFuser and Set it Free spray coming in the mail (I've used the DevaSun Dryer and Fuser but didn't give it a fair shot a year ago and traded it).

Anyway, I hope that helps and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I've got 3b, fairly fine curls.
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Well, ummm, yes, I have questions. (1) Do you think it really matters if I use the Deva Curl or the Deva Care line? My hair is dyed a somewhat faded coppery reddish brown. (2) Did you ever get a really itchy scalp from these products? (3) When you get the time , could you describe your routine? I honestly don't think I ever got the procedure straight. I have another post going somewhere on this too, in case you see it. Oh, by the way, I couldn't live without my DevaSun Dryer and Fuser. It's great for drying near the roots. Thanks for your reply!