Thanks for the replies! Wow, sometimes reading blogs or posts I feel as if people stick to their guns and make unwavering decisions about when they'll BC. I don't feel so alone.

As far as being scared of short hair...I'm not sure how much it would bother me, personally. Most TWAs that I've seen look really good and I think most of you would probably look cute, too. I've never had short hair so maybe it would be a nice change.
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You are not alone and thanks for posting this question. Also, it just hit me, I cut my hair twice when I got jheri curls (don't ask) and I only waited 5 months but I loved my TWA.

my last realxer was 6/1/08. i at least want to make it through the winter before i i signed up for the spring 09 chop off.
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Thank you Zanii for sticking with me cuz I need much support. We have less than 5 months to go, see my count down!!!!

I'm into my 11th month now and while my hair was loose the temptation was so great... up until a couple of weeks ago when I got some kinky twists. So far, the best thing I've done during this whole transition. It keeps me from messing with my hair, from wasting products on it (pj anyone?), shorter showers, and I don't have to worry about styling it every day.

I'm scared when I have to take them out I'm gonna see all this growth and to the relaxed ends be like, "You! Off!"
I'm holding out until April to chop though. Definitely. I've gotten this far, I can get through a couple more months.
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Mixeded you are so kind to hold off until the April chop off, thank you. Also, I braided my hair, which also helps me with temptation and how long will your kinky twists last? I want some but are they heavy? Please post a pic.

Remember, we have less than 5 months to go!!!
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