I think I'm in the same boat as you, nettabelle. I'm anxious to cut my hair, but i'm not sure what length I would be working with. I've only been transitioning for 3 months, so I know that i would have a very very TWA.

IMO(learnt this on this site) it's what you can handle. I can't remember ever having short hair, and if i did, my mother would have been the one doing it. That's one reason i havent done a BC - i want my hair to be a length that I can twist or plait.

At the moment, I have corn row braids, but i'm going to unplait them on Saturday and do some corkscrews. I want to alternate between cornrows, kinky twists and corkscrews. I will cut off the straightened hair bit by bit.

I'm hoping to last until August 2009, but I'm impatient. I like to look at fotkis to get an idea of how much hair i might have. I even went back to my baby pictures to get an idea of my texture too.

I live in Barbados and there are lots of naturals here, and more and more people are growing locks. Many people have chosen to embrace and love their natural hair and work with it. And from what I see, natural hair is so versatile and the styling possibilities are endless.

This site is fabulous and the advice is always positive and educational. Through my reading, I have never seen a negative or condescending approach given to anyone. It is definitely a great support system.