It was about 3/4 henna (the lowest dye content on the hennaforhair site) and 1/4 cassia, mixed with half lemon juice and half water.

I only left it on for about an hour and a half... I had some regular red dye left on most of my hair and didn't want it to go crazy. It blended in my roots VERY nicely (roots were an ashy strawberry blond, the rest was a medium auburn that had faded a little), and stayed within a fairly believable color

ETA: If you're thinking about henna-ing, I'd definitely order some smaller samples of the henna and cassia and do several strand tests (grab shed hairs from your brush or shower ). I think I had 4 (2 with the 1/2 and 1/2, left on for 2 hours and 4 hours, and 2 with 3/4 and 1/2, left on for 2 hours and 4 hours). It gives you a good idea of where to start, without risking turning into Ronald McDonald (that was my biggest fear too)
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thanks so much. i'm definitely going to do the strand test. i've been box dying for years and i've still got some blonde remnants but my roots have been growing in for about 6 months now and they are driving me nuts.

i actually had a ronald mcdonald moment about 10 years ago and i had to run to cvs, baseball cap on head, to buy more box dye. but i'd like to stay away from the chemicals before i end up with a wig.
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