I think I'm in the same boat as you, nettabelle. I'm anxious to cut my hair, but i'm not sure what length I would be working with. I've only been transitioning for 3 months, so I know that i would have a very very TWA.
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Since I've been transitioning for about 9mos. I'm more afraid of the length I have than If I would have BC'd at 3mons. Short or super short TWAs are cute to me and I like long hair, too. But I'm not sure what a 6" - 7" TWA would look like. I have it in my head that my sides will look strange... can't explain this. It's probably not even true. I've seen them at that long and it was fine. I guess I'm more concerned about what it will be like on ME. Everyone else is cute though, haha.

I'm hoping to last until August 2009, but I'm impatient. I like to look at fotkis to get an idea of how much hair i might have. I even went back to my baby pictures to get an idea of my texture too.
I do this, too...but it also might not be a good idea. For the baby pictures, I think my hair is different. I had fatter and looser curls and when I cut off tiny sections just to preview (do you do this too? lol) It doesn't look the same. But my biggest problem is the fotki...because I will see 3 girls with hair texture that I recognize as my own but when I look at them all together, they're super different from each other! Looking is still fun but I'm scared to get attached to the idea of a particular texture only to be annoyed that my hair doesn't end up the same. Be careful...make sure you love your own first. If that makes sense...

I live in Barbados and there are lots of naturals here, and more and more people are growing locks. Many people have chosen to embrace and love their natural hair and work with it. And from what I see, natural hair is so versatile and the styling possibilities are endless.
Also, I am more than likely moving to Antigua in August... I know its not the same island but are the products you use readily available in the Caribbean or do you do a lot of ordering online? I hope Antigua is like Barbados in that there are a lot of people embracing their natural hair! August might be my BC month too if I don't do it with the spring '09 chop off (considering...) because its my birthday month, I'll graduate, and I'm moving...nice fresh start.