I'm not sure what Antigua's hair scene is like, but it seems as there is a more "easy going" attitude toward natural hair through out the Caribbean than in previous years. People in "high places" are embracing the natural thing like crazy, so it's not really a big deal anymore. However, you will still have naysayers going off.

We have a couple health food stores and beauty stores that carry loads of natural products and I'm thinking that Antigua should be the same. If you can get your friends to send you stuff tho, that would be advisable because shipping WILL break your pocket - i tried to order an 8 oz jar of a very popular product that cost $22US and the shipping quoted was $70 US!!!

I always loved my hair but it was ridiculously thick and I wanted a change. I thought that relaxed hair would have been a bit easier to manage. Well I got a big rock when I relaxed my hair and realised that i couldnt go to the beach and let my hair soak up the salt water.

So I'm looking forward to my thick, poofy, healthy, natural hair.