hello everyone I been looking around today and made a few post I have been COing for 4 weeks and wow what curls I have had I have dried my hair straight for years and years and I have went curly 2 times and was trying to find a product to use in my hair so thought I would try this. I actually hate gel the stiff feel it gives your hair but thought this would work. The 2 times I wore it curly I used water conditioner and oil mixed as a spray in but I had been using it also drying it straight and was getting good results but thought the gel and stuff would give good curl definition but not sure. I have joico k-pac in it now and im going to try the mix and plopping after I rinse it out. I love curls on other people but just cant seem to get use to them on me. The one problem Im having is the layers the sides are shorter and dont want to curl to much so thought this might help/ I will let you know