I think she's near a 3A now. I've been watching all the seasons of Felicity lately, and when the show first started she had really big beautiful tight curly hair, but after she cut off all of her hair in season two, her curlpattern changed a lot.

I'm now at season four, and her curls are something between 3A and 3B, my hair looks exactly like hers, and to be honest, my hair looked exactly like hers in the picture above when i was little.
But after several weird haircuts and different colours, my curlpattern changed too over the years.

Apparently your whole body gets renewed every 7 years.
So it takes your body 7 years to change every cell, just as well as your hair i guess.

Her curls got a lot looser IMO and i love her hair no matter what it looks like, but i agree with helloyellowbird, she has to stop straightening her hair! I think it makes her look too serious and a lot older than she really is..
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