so out of boredom a few days ago, i decided to wash and rollerset my hair. never did get under the hairdryer though... just walked around the house all day with rollers in my hair (like a true mom, LOL ) so that night my hair was stretched out all big and fluffy. i wrapped it around in a big beehive and tied it down with a scarf. got up the next day and decided i'd try out my sister's flat iron. i had used Wild Growth Oil on my hair right after washing it, i figured i'd need a heat protectant for pressing. so i used my sister's Silk Elements (i think she got it from Sally's???), left a nice shine and my hair was looking somewhat sleek even though i didn't have the flat iron up too hot.

and then i walked outside.

my hair reverted back to the big fluffy rollerset. still cute but not exactly what i wanted.

so i was wondering what product suggestions y'all had to fight humidity? i've already washed my hair and my coils are still intact but i may try to press again sometime in the future and could use the help!
Lady Libra
i stick with the description "OS thready thick"

my curly fro now is at collarbone when straightened.... basically the length i had when i started transitioning! hooray for growth!!! =)