I am looking into buying the BE for the first time and am wondering if I should buy the kit on line for the two payments of $29.99 (ends up costing $70 and joining "the club.") I always fear I am missing something and don't want to be screwed $$wise.... is the "special tv offer" worth it?
in humidity hell south Florida or high and dry Colorado
CG since 2005
2a, 2b, 3b - fine hair, low density - low/normal porosity
washing: cj curl assurance gentle cleansing, cj daily fix, as i am coconut cowash
conditioning: cj smoothing, cj strengthening, giovanni 50/50 balance, darcy's pumpkin seed, kinky curly knot today
styling: homemade fsg, kinky curly curling custard, cj pattern pusha
pt: cj curl fix, cj repair me
avoid: humectants, polyquats