Ok...so I'm going to continue in my Daniel Craig love.

but I do have one to add....John Mayer. Just not hot. I'm even a talent girl. Talent can make even the fugliest dude hot for at time (Eddie Van Halen) but not even Mayer's amazing talent on the guitar (I'd rather he didn't sing) can make him hot for me. Ugh.

Most of the young'ns now. Tight pants are one thing, hair bands, cowboys, mmmm...but not the tight to the ankle kind. I don't even like em on girls.
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Aw, I don't think he is fugly. This is from 1993 and obviously hard living and cancer did a number on him, but he's not ugly.

For me, it's Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, McDreamy, Will Smith, Denzel Washington (great looking, but not "hot", IMO), John Mayer (agree with you on that one!)--I see how these people are attractive but they don't do it for me.