Bumping because I just made an appointment with Jen Sparano to get a Deva cut and set tomorrow morning and I'm equal parts excited and scared. From our conversation she seems really nice. She told me she'll cut dry and why (I already knew, of course, but it's nice that she does that for people who may not), and instructed me to come in curly and styled - no hats, ponytails, etc. She also told me her pricing structure without having to be asked. How refreshing!!

For those wondering about that, she said she usually charges $50 for a cut and with a Deva set afterwards it comes to $75, implying it's your choice if you want both or not. She waives the Deva set charge for your first appointment with her and does it anyway for free because she wants to make sure you know how to do it. I forgot to ask if this means under a hood dryer or with a diffuser. I need a diffuser to encourage body and waves, so I hope she has one. Also, she said she doesn't have a credit card machine, so it's cash or check only - good to know for those like me who never carry either of those things anymore, unless there's a specific reason to.

I'll update with more after my appointment!