I desperately want to get a Keratin treatment and have been trying to research the different ones. There are so many Keratin products now and I am in search for the best one… any suggestions??

I read on a few other blogs that the Copolla treatment causes breakage after several treatments, it burned their eyes and people complaining about the smell. I also read that it contains Formaldehyde and they just use another name for it…Aldehyde.
I have a friend who had the Bottanica Keratin…..anyone had this one done?? She loves it and her hair did come out AWESOME! She explained it as the same process as the Copolla one. The difference is the smell.... I guess it comes in a fruity scent or a chocolate scent. She's also had it done twice and no breakage.

I don't want anymore damage to my hair and want to make sure I get my $$$'s worth.