I HIGHLY recommend the instyler. I have natural waves and works wonderfully on my hair. No frizzies. I have two mixed daughters with VERY tight curls. It makes there hair so soft. I dont even have to put hair grease in their hair. I do put in leave-in conditioner though. I purchased mine on ebay. It is much cheaper. They have the buy 1 get one for $110.00 and free shipping. Cheaper than the instyler website. My sister and I went in together and bought them. We spent $55.00 apiece for them and it is worth every penny. It heats up quick and styles my hair very fast. I love the shine and how soft it makes my hair. I give it 5 stars....
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Marsha, I'm really glad you liked it!! I've been singing its praises for a while and PJ's Mom tried it, too - we both love it. I have heard that some people haven't had good experiences with it but you know that's the chance you take when you try something. Sometimes it just doesn't work for you. Thank God the Instyler works for me because I have a whole new hair cut because of it. I'm really, really happy with mine. Happy Holidays to everyone!
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I have to agree with this. I mean right now, if my instyler blew up and I didn't have a back up I would go crazy...because this tool has really become a back up to my free and easy curly look. I'm glad I have two right now.

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