I had my Copolla treatment done October 9th. It was a little too straight in the beginning, but after a week or two, just right. Blow drying to a glossy, frizz free finish was a cinch, and air drying was a nice loose wave that I could define with styling/glossing cremes. It's now December 13 and my new growth is driving me nuts. I have 3b, tight, frizzy curls and the rest is still straight, not as shiny. I will get another treatment hopefully after the new year. I have used Pureology since day one after treatment, but I too work out (Kung Fu) two to three times per week to the point where my hair is saturated. The salt in sweat eats away at the keratin coating, so I know that has a lot to do with why it hasn't lasted so long. I WISH there was a way to do only roots, but there is not.
Well, I think I've covered it all. It was overall, worth the money and time, just wish I could afford to do it every month!