when i used to flatiron my hair i used to condition really well for moisture. I would use some heat protectant blow dry lotion (motions) and blow dry my hair w/ comb attachment. This would get it semi-straight. Then I would use straightening balm/wax stuff (forgot the brand name) and I would put a little extra on the ends to keep them moisturized. Viola nice, straight hair. (caution the combination could get a little greasy if you use too much) I used a chi ceramic flat iron. Its the best flat iron I have used but it does get rather hot so be careful. Other flat irons do get my hair straight but they dont stay straight as long. I can go outside in the florida summer humidity and it will stay really straight for about 2 weeks if I take my time and straighten it good. I can even go outside in the rain (with a hood) and it wont revert that much..its straight enough to leave down but has some volume. By the way I have 4a/4b hair so this might be too much if you have a looser curl but this works very well for me. hth. :-)