I thought that maybe that was the case but I looked up humectant and it says "See water-binding."

In her dictionary under Sodium Laureth sulfate Paula says:"Can be derived from coconut; it is used primarily as a detergent cleansing agent. It is considered gentle and effective."

I am interested to know the "correct" answer on this as I am an info nerd like that, but I know that my hair does not react the same way to AVG as it does to glycerin. When I use glycerin in Bermuda's ultra humid weather then my hair will stay moist when I am outside, if I use avg (which I do on a regular basis) this same thing doesn't happen. I say if it works for you then don't stop using it because it is included in a category you think doesn't work for you.

I love humectants because of the humidity here but I was planning to leave them alone for my upcoming trip to the States. But my hair reggie will fall completely to pieces without AVG. I don't go a day without it in some form or another...
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ARGH! "Gentle and effective" my left butt cheek!

And I'm with you on AVG working differently than glycerin. I wouldn't totally drop it from my regime, but I'd definitely use less of it. I can't get rid of KCCC - I think I'd cry! But this may mean I lay off the FOTE + KBB SS on top of the KCCC...

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