okay, now that I'm totally confused......

I thought humectants were safe? There isn't much left out there that has anything in it that is safe that WORKS! I will never ever give up my KCCC, that is an HG for me. Oh sure, now that I finally buy it and I finally find something that works and I eliminate all the bad stuff, now this.... I use paula's choice skin care and LOVE it, I will have to dig around on her site now that you have me intrigued.

So, to clarify, are you saying that all water binding agents are gentle and safe and that water binding includes all silicones and humectants? Isn't honey a humectant? How in the world can aloe and honey not be safe???? I don't think you can get any more natural than that; explain this to the slower ones such as myself please.
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Wait wait wait! You're combining two conversations here.

The whole "gentle and safe" conversation had to do with Paula's take on SLS - that side convo has nothing to do with the humectants. There are some people who think that SLS can cause cancer, etc... she argues that SLS is gentle and safe - SAFE I get, but gentle?!

Humectants ARE "safe"- both CG and shouldn't cause tumors. Humectants are totally CG, but just not especially advisable in low dew points. The question at hand though - is aloe vera a humectant? That's why I'm trying to determine if aloe vera needs to be relegated to the "summer only" box or not.

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