So far since I've used the henna (about a week and a half ago) my hair, even though it's fine, feels fuller and softer.. I like it. I think I like the idea of mixing the indigo with the henna, as I don't wanna be a red head per se.. I like the idea of having a dark chestnutty brown color instead.

I think this is the best conditioning treatment I've ever used.. but then again I'm kinda new to this "treating your hair right" thing.
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Oh how things change.. since I wrote this post about 9 months ago, I've stopped henna completely. I was cool the first few times I hennaed, but that was short lived. After a while it did dry out my hair. It could be that it was the brand, but I know I'm not the only curly who has had this problem. I love the color henna gives, but it's not worth the dry hair I get from it.

I guess the only henna I will get from here on out is for temporary tattoos.
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