I recently got a good look at the size of my pores in those huge mirrors at the optician's office. They seem to be especially big on my nose and I have blackheads, to boot. I admit, I don't take care of my skin at all. I am so lucky I've got genetics on my side, but I really want to do better.

Does anyone have some good suggestions for getting rid of blackheads, short of a facial? I really don't like the way they squeeze and pinch my skin to death. Are there any scrubs (like a loofah) that I can use to scrub the blackheads out? Or do I have to use some kind of chemical containing cream?

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I would start with PSF's BHA Serum at 2% it's an exfoliant .. click here for details. BR is using it, you might want to ping her to see if she likes it and if it's still working her. I love this entire line. I use the BA, the DMAE, the Moisture Balance lotion, the H.A Serum and I just got the Phyto-lift Cranberry Eye Gel, love this stuff.

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