I bought a $20 wet2dry iron--I think it was Remington, but I'm sure it's pretty much the same concept iron. I did it like twice--and as I used it on my wet hair, it was steaming and make a hissing sound--like a clothes iron--and it scared me that my hair may have been burning--I couldn't tell if it was supposed to do that or not! Anyway, the results were not fantastic--I had to keep going over my hair multiple times before it was actually dry and straight, and the iron overall left much worse results than my conair regular iron. I would not recommend these kind--they sound like they are damaging your hair and they have less than satisfactory results. Also... ever since I did used it those few times I feel like my hair has been harder to untangle in the shower--I can't help but feel like the iron permanently dried out my hair a little bit.
Hope this helps. Good luck!
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