I've been off of this thread for a long time, as during the summer I had a major skin disaster from a product that was too aggressive for me(Skinceuticals Intense Line Defense, a strong AHA serum as it turned out), and it gave me a chemical burn that snuck up on me over a two-week period. My skin got so bad that everything bothered it except for a very simple cleanser and my own shea butter cream, plus a simple home-made healing mask that I applied daily. I couldn't even wear sunblock my skin was so sensitized, and frankly, I'm still kind of spooked about products other than basic cleansing, gentle exfoliation and moisturizing. Is there any way to anti-age, and improve one's skintone, without trashing one's skin? My skin got past the chemical burn and loves simple, but those *&%$* sunspots remain. I know that simple and natural don't cut it for sunspots, but I'm kind of in a quandary as to what to do next, if anything at all!
Way before my summer episode, I did have a sample of some Retin-A cream that a kindly person over on another skincare board sent along, as well as a couple of Skinceutical products which I did like(the C+E Ferulic, and the Phyto+, an anti-inflammatory skin lightener). I was also using the Aquaglycolic Cleanser(AHA). The Retin-A and these three products didn't bother me(I took it slow with the Retin-A, introducing my skin to it over a 6-week period which paid off). At the time I was also using the Neutrogena Sheer Dry Touch SPF 70 sunblock. After I ran out of my samples and my AHA cleanser, I had that first Skinceuticals product that I mentioned, the Intense Line Defense serum. Then the problems started, and worsened from there. I can only attribute my problems to that and the sunblock, as I was not using the other stuff any more, being out of it.
So, again, is there any way to get some skin benefit without trashing my skin again, and hopefully even out some of this stuff that's making me look older than I should? Other than that, my skin is actually pretty good without a lot of wrinkles and is still pretty firm too. It's of a normal to slightly oily type that needs some exfoliation, but not acneic at all. Thanks for listening here, RCW if you are still around...
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